GeekWire Feature: First Mode celebrates Mars, Europa, and Psyche Missions – looks ahead to the Moon

So far, First Mode has made a name for itself as a design and engineering consultancy, but now it’s putting the infrastructure in place to build hardware as well. Its in-house clean room bears testament to that ambition. “We really like the idea of flight hardware getting delivered out of Pike Place Market,” Voorhees said. “We think that’s pretty cool.”

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PressRhae Adams
Five Steps to Go from Science to Product

At First Mode, one of my responsibilities is to serve as an interface between our science-driven clients and our engineers in order to define, design, and/or develop tools that enable scientists to explore the Earth and beyond. No matter the product, our approach includes the same five steps.

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Pride @ First Mode

Amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals in STEM isn't just about creating an inclusive environment, it's critical to ongoing breakthroughs and discoveries. At First Mode, we believe introducing more diverse perspectives and amplifying their voices to an equal platform can only accelerate new innovations across industries.

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InsightsRhae Adams
2019 CleanTech Innovation Showcase, June 24

Twenty-four leading cleantech companies and organizations will present the latest industry initiatives and innovations at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase on June 24 in Seattle. Josh Sweere, Principl Systems Engineer, will present a concept for reducing emissions on Washington State Ferries.

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EventsRebecca MacLeod
Interfaces Matter: Designing Successful Products Without Sacrificing Safety and the Environment

Often in the rush to enable new features or address a particular limitation, designers become myopic in their design approach. Simultaneously, as customers, we clamor for convenience, we ask for innovation, and we want more exclusive products and services. Unfortunately, recent history reveals how often industry – in its zeal to deliver a positive experience for its customers – loses sight of the comprehensive set of externalities.

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