Can Space Tech Help Solve Mining’s Productivity Problem?


by Elizabeth Frank, Ph.D, Applied Planetary Scientist at First Mode

(article written for

The mining industry has a productivity problem.

Coming into the last big commodity cycle and for most of the years since, mining productivity has continued to decline. Miners grew too fast during good times and ended up with inefficient, over-sized operations. When things got tough, producers raced each other to the bottom compounding productivity issues from overly complex and unruly operations. While some would argue the problem has stabilized over the last few years, the industry is still markedly off productivity levels from the early 2000’s.

But, there’s good news! The mining industry can leverage a Systems Engineering approach to breakthrough the stagnation. Find out more in this article by First Mode’s Applied Planetary Scientist, Elizabeth Frank, Ph.D. for Geology for Investors.

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