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Pride @ First Mode

Amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals in STEM isn't just about creating an inclusive environment, it's critical to ongoing breakthroughs and discoveries. At First Mode, we believe introducing more diverse perspectives and amplifying their voices to an equal platform can only accelerate new innovations across industries.

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Interfaces Matter: Designing Successful Products Without Sacrificing Safety and the Environment

Often in the rush to enable new features or address a particular limitation, designers become myopic in their design approach. Simultaneously, as customers, we clamor for convenience, we ask for innovation, and we want more exclusive products and services. Unfortunately, recent history reveals how often industry – in its zeal to deliver a positive experience for its customers – loses sight of the comprehensive set of externalities.

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The Meaning of “First Mode”

Identifying and understanding the first mode of a system or structure is critical to any engineering effort. Once this fundamental behavior is understood, the rest of the design process can evolve in a well-ordered way. This is emblematic of our organization’s systems engineering approach. 

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