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Our people make the difference

The First Mode team thrives at the intersection of industry and technology. Every day, we create new approaches to unique problems through iterative analysis and boundless imagination. First Mode people are entrepreneurial, visionary, and multi-faceted, and our teams bring their full selves to the table for a truly collaborative experience.

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Working at First Mode

A day in the life

We build solutions for problems that haven’t been solved before. We’re looking for more than just technical expertise.

We’re looking for flexibility, curiosity, and individuality. We prize unique perspectives that add value to First Mode and our clients.

In one workday, you may be helping to develop a novel technology to reduce emissions in the morning, and working with the team to solve a tough robotics issue in the afternoon. You might find yourself in an underground mine in Australia one week, and leading a design review at NASA the next.

Our team blurs the lines between disciplines and relies on open and honest communication. If you embrace the unknown and thrive when challenged, then First Mode might be for you!

We’re always looking for new challenges!

Contact us to see how we can transform your business.