Chris Voorhees met with Rainer Groh to record an episode of Aerospace Engineering Podcast

From Rainer Groh:
Chris Voorhees is the founder and president of First Mode, a Seattle-based company that is designing and building technology for extreme environments off and on planet Earth.

Chris has decades of experience in the implementation of robotic systems for the exploration of deep space. His notable experience includes his work as a mobility systems engineer for NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity rovers and lead mechanical engineer for NASA’s Curiosity rover. For his efforts, Chris received NASA’s Exceptional Achievement and Exceptional Engineering Achievement medals.

Today, Chris oversees the design, development, and deployment of engineered solutions for missions around the globe and throughout the solar system. First Mode is also focusing on significant problems on Earth including the challenging issues of sustainability for the natural resources sector.

In this episode of the Aerospace Engineering Podcast learn about:

  • his background in engineering, including his time at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • his past work on Mars rovers

  • why we should go back to the Moon

  • the space projects First Mode is currently involved with

  • and First Mode’s growing engagement in the hydrogen sector

Want to work with us? We’re hiring! First Mode draws on the exceptional talent and creativity of its multidisciplinary team to solve the toughest problems on and off the planet. Check out our open positions in Seattle and Perth.