We’re excited to introduce you to the 13 newest team members who joined us in Q1. These new additions bring experience ranging from clean energy design to aerospace warning systems. Read on to get to know each person a little better.

The First Mode team is still growing! Join us in our mission to build the barely possible. Check out our Careers page for more information.

Dae Oh – Senior Mechanical Technician

As an experienced engineering technician, Dae understands the nuances of a product’s life cycle. He’s worked in all stages and knows how each one impacts the other: concept, R&D, manufacturing, distribution, retail/user, service, and end-of-life.

Darren Chow – Electrical Engineer

Darren is a proactive, detailed-oriented engineer with significant experience in design, testing, and analysis of electrical and control systems. He has expertise in industrial machinery design standards and code compliance with key understanding in product development and manufacturing.

Dominik Figueroa – Software Engineer

Dominik is a software engineer with a focus on embedded systems. Prior to First Mode, he worked at Microsoft and at Honeywell Aerospace where he worked on the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) which provides flight crews with timely, accurate information about terrain and obstacles in the area.

Eric Chin – Principal Electrical Engineer

Eric is a versatile electrical engineer with broad experience solving challenging problems and leading project teams. He’s interested in renewable energy and environmental sustainability says he is excited to work towards solving these problems at First Mode.

Jared Rugg – Senior Systems Engineer

With experience working at multiple aerospace organizations, Jared’s skills span all aspects of the design and development process – from ideation to implementation to support. He loves collaboration and says he thrives on solving specialized problems.

Jim Coy – Electrical Engineer

Jim is an experienced electrical engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aerospace automation industry. He has strong expertise in electronic design, instrumentation, high-energy systems, R&D, and magnetics.

Joshua Korsness – Mechanical Systems Engineer

Josh joined First Mode by way of JPL where he worked on the design, build, test, and delivery of the mechanical hardware for the Mars 2020 mission. Check out this blog post by Josh with a unique perspective on the mission: Mars 2020 Landing: Taking America—and the World—Along for the Ride!

Kian Raissian – Mechanical Systems Engineer

Kian’s background includes electric vehicles, clean energy, and mobility solutions. For his senior capstone project with Toyota’s Mobility Division, Kian integrated his skills in mechanical design and research to deliver solutions to improve the lives of those living with ambulatory disabilities.

Lexi Humann – Mechanical Systems Engineer

Lexi’s background includes supporting launch operations at Blue Origin and designing boosters for Northrop Grumman. She also started building Mars rover prototypes in her university days.

Megan Casey – Senior Mechanical Engineer

With a focus on quality and innovation, Megan has extensive experience in product development, planning, design, drawing and testing. She says being a mechanical engineer is about the intersection of art and science which makes the potential for new products limitless.

Nathan Wacker – Software Engineer

Nathan’s past experience comes from Nintendo, Northwest Nuclear Laboratories, and the Husky Satellite Laboratory where he worked with a multidisciplinary team on a CubeSat for the purpose of communication and electric propulsion research.

Paul Sturmer – Mechanical Systems Engineer

Paul is a motivated leader focused on tackling the most challenging problems of next-generation transportation and extraterrestrial exploration. At Blue Origin, he led the development of the second stage communication system for the New Glenn launch vehicle.

Richard Hensel – Senior Electrical Engineer

With experience in power system engineering, control system design and project management, renewable energy engineering, and industrial automation, Richard is a great fit for First Mode!

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