Our “Meet the Team” series profiles the creative and curious people of First Mode. We are driven to find purposeful technology solutions to the world’s most important challenges. We take our work seriously but ourselves not too seriously. Want to work with us? View our open positions.

“I joined First Mode because of the people. When I interviewed here, I instantly knew that the culture was a great fit and that I was going to be working with some really awesome folks.” – Christine

How did your passion for engineering and technology begin?

I’ve always enjoyed creating things. In a traditional and artistic sense, I draw and paint a lot. But I realized that modeling parts and assemblies is basically like virtual sculpting.

Could you point to a project that you are proud of?

When I joined First Mode, I was immediately handed flight hardware to design. I’m pretty proud to design parts that are going to be flown in space!

Why does it matter that we keep inventing, testing, creating?

We constantly do all of these things because that’s what it takes to solve the toughest problems in the world.

What are some career highlights?

I had some cool experiences at Boeing, like crawling through the 787’s fuel tank in the wing box and getting crane-lifted onto the crown of a FedEx’s MD-10 to take measurements on oversized holes.

Did you have a hero figure growing up?

My mom! She got her doctorate while raising a 6-year-old me. I believe those are two of the hardest things you can do in life and she did both at the same time.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My teammates. It’s a pretty great feeling working with others that are passionate, reliable, and just fun to work with overall.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day will start with making pour-over coffee for my partner and I. Then I will hop on my computer and work throughout the day on technical spreadsheets and 3D modeling. I might have Zoom meetings with my direct team members regarding project updates or a meeting with a principle engineer for technical guidance. As a stress reliever, I like to go to the First Mode #doggos Slack channel to see posts of the team’s furbabies. As evening comes, I always make sure to work in some weight lifting. On some days, I like to wind down with a homemade cocktail and a movie night!

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

It depends whether I’m sitting down or standing up. If I’m static, my hobbies usually include miniature painting, tabletop role playing games, and video games. If I’m on the move, it’s likely strength and conditioning training, kayaking, biking, and hiking.