NASA: UV/Visible Composite Images of Tycho Crater on the Moon

For the 2023-2032 Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey, LEAG Commercial Advisory Board Chair and First Mode Applied Planetary Scientist Elizabeth Frank, Ph.D., submitted a white paper: “Why and How to Leverage the Commercial Space Sector for the Benefit of Planetary Science and its Community.”

The public paper advocates for the expansion of opportunities for the commercial sector to support planetary exploration and predicts a number of downstream benefits to the planetary science community, and more broadly to solar system exploration.

Co-authors of the white paper are Casey Dreier, The Planetary Society; Benton Clark, Space Science Institute, and; Clive R. Neal, University of Notre Dame. Nearly 50 planetary scientists and engineers from across industry, government, and academia served as co-signers, demonstrating broad support.

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