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The good we can do

It’s not too late to invent a brighter future. That’s why our team is made up of scientists and software developers, business analyzers and project managers, robotics builders and electrical engineers — as well as flautists and sailors and D&D players.

It’s true — time is not on our side. But by balancing creativity with critical thinking and big dreams with real-world practicality, we can overhaul the way things are in pursuit of the way things could be. We leave nothing to chance in our day-to-day operations, but we embrace possibility in our creative explorations. Diligence and imagination: that’s how we make a lasting impact.

Our team

First Mode, assemble!

The First Mode team has decades of combined experience in design, analysis, assembly, testing, and deployment of innovative solutions. Down to our DNA, First Mode is comfortable with the uncomfortable, and we are ready to build where no one has ventured before. Our work brings together a group of unique individuals to tackle a singular problem: reducing carbon emissions in mining and heavy industry.

Our job might be a serious one, but work and fun are not mutually exclusive at First Mode. Our collaborative environment is conducive to not only getting things done, but also to having a good time while doing it. We prize individuality, creativity, a sense of humor, and open-minded thinking.

Julian Soles

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Chris Voorheese
Chris Voorhees

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Mark Freed

Chief Commercial Officer

Rhae Adams

Chief Growth and Sustainability Officer

James Percy Hughes

VP, Operations

Cecilia Ferreira

VP, Commercial

Maggie Scholtz

VP, Programs

Nick Miller

VP, Products

James Smyth

VP, Strategy and Pricing

Laura Espling

VP, Finance and Accounting

Paul McGinty

VP, Supply Chain and Production

Jan Haak

VP, Business Development

Tristan Helms

VP, Business Operations

Julian Soles

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Chris Voorheese
Chris Voorhees

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Stephen Pearce

Chairman of the Board; Finance Director at Anglo American

Matt Daley

Group Technical Director at Anglo American

Chris Fraser

Group Director, Strategic Projects at Anglo American

We’re hiring a Principal Electrical Engineer and more.

Join us in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy.


First Mode global headquarters are in London.

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First Mode Seattle has offices, a lab, and manufacturing facilities.

+1 206-420-6030

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First Mode Perth has offices in Northbridge.

+61 8 6186 0373