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We’re powering the diesel-free future.

Our Work Accelerating the Path to Zero™. The industrial sector obtains, moves, and transforms the materials required for clean energy. It also produces a quarter of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. With First Mode’s decarbonization solutions, the industrial sector can reduce its carbon footprint today as it fuels the cleaner, more sustainable world of tomorrow.
Our Vision A world without diesel. Now is the time to transition to clean energy. Technologies exist to decarbonize the most polluting sectors of our global economy, and First Mode is dedicated to scaling proven solutions for immediate and long-term impact.

Our People

With deep capabilities in mining, technology innovation, and product manufacturing, we are equipped to address the complex needs of our partners.

Julian Soles Chief Executive Officer
Rhae Adams Chief Growth & Sustainability Officer
Mark Freed Chief Commercial Officer
Garritt Chrzanowski VP, Business Architecture
Laura Espling VP, Finance & Accounting
Cecilia Ferreira VP, Commercial
Jan Haak VP, Business Development
Tristan Helms VP, Business Operations
Headshot of Paul McGinty
Paul McGinty VP, Supply Chain & Production
Nick Miller VP, Products
James Percy Hughes VP, Operations
Maggie Scholtz VP, Programs
James Smyth VP, Strategy & Pricing
Siobhan Avenell Head of People & Culture
Amy Pearson-Wales Head of Marketing & Communications
Will Smith Head of Legal
Spencer Anunsen Sr. Director, Haul Truck Systems
Krunal Desai Sr. Director, Technology Strategy & Development
Aidan Morgan Sr. Director, Digital Insights
Julian Soles Chief Executive Officer
Maggie Scholtz VP, Programs
Matt Daley Group Technical Director at Anglo American
Craig Fish Group Head of Portfolio Management at Anglo American
Chris Fraser Board Member


The urgency of our global mission requires an equally global team.

London, UK First Mode has a corporate office in London.
Seattle, Washington, USA First Mode’s primary engineering hub, R&D lab, and global manufacturing facility are located in Seattle.
Centralia, Washington, USA First Mode’s Centralia Proving Grounds include offices, a warehouse, a heavy equipment shop,

and an extensive network of haul roads for testing.
Perth, Australia First Mode has an office and R&D lab in Perth.
Johannesburg, South Africa First Mode has an office in Johannesburg.
Santiago, Chile First Mode has virtual operations in Santiago.

Unlock Decarbonization

Our solutions make it possible by starting at the source.

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Join Our Team.

Deliver the clean energy future.