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From the depths of the Earth to the far reaches of outer space, we build the barely possible.

First Mode is a creative engineering company meeting humanity’s challenges and opportunities—wherever we find them.

What we do

We design and deliver resilient, reliable solutions for technology’s most demanding frontiers, including clean energy, planetary exploration, and sustainable transportation systems.

What is first Mode?
What It’s Like to Be an Electrical Engineer at First Mode
Field Notes

What It’s Like to Be an Electrical Engineer at First Mode

December 21, 2021
What’s it like to be an EE at First Mode? We sat down with our Director of Electrical Engineering to talk hydrogen systems, batteries, and more.
Join our team

This world’s problems are too complex and unpredictable to be solved with a siloed mindset.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team with deep and diverse experience who share a passion for solving difficult problems across a variety of industries including space, mining, and transportation.

Our team is growing quickly. We’re hiring all kinds of engineers, scientists, and more…we’d hire a juggler if the problem calls for it. If you believe the fight for a better world is just getting started, join us to meet the unknown together.

Who we are

First Mode was founded with the belief that it’s not too late to make good.

We’re a forward-thinking team of engineers, scientists, dreamers, movers and shakers. We come from different backgrounds, different disciplines, and different walks of life, but we’re united in one belief: fighting for a better world is worth it.

Hiking in Iceland Landmannalaugar
Meet Lexi Humann: Mechanical Systems Engineer at First Mode
Tristan Helms, First Mode General Manager, Americas
Meet Tristan Helms: First Mode General Manager, Americas
Meet Paige Northway, Ph.D.: Systems Engineer at First Mode
Meet Leilani Click: Recruiting Coordinator at First Mode
Meet Spencer Berglund, First Mode Electrical & Embedded Systems Engineer
In the press

Ars Technica: Massive mine truck and a Baja off-road racer both find use for fuel cells

Aug 30, 2021

Automotive editor Jonathan Gitlin of Ars Technica talked to First Mode’s Chris Voorhees about our work on two very different hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: an off-road racer for the Baja 1000, and a retrofit of a Komatsu 930E mining haul truck.

We’re hiring a Battery Systems Engineer and more.

Join our team and help us build the barely possible.