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Creating seismic systems change, starting at the source

First Mode exists to solve the most dire and pressing problems people face today. We recognize that it will take seismic systems changes at the very foundations of heavy industry to make a sustainable impact.

So we’re starting at the source — the mining industry, where the world obtains its most precious resources — and setting the goal to completely eliminate the use of diesel and speed the transition to clean energy. 

After that, we’re progressing outward from the center, taking on the supply chain — heavy rail and mining — and then outward again, closer and closer to the people who depend on these resources every day. 

In the end, we plan to bring the same benefit to everyone in the world — a better world powered by better energy. 

For People and Planet. First Mode.

For People And Planet

For People And Planet


We design and deliver resilient and pragmatic solutions for today’s most pressing frontier: clean energy technology.

Our collaboration with Anglo American allowed us to accomplish a groundbreaking feat: producing the world’s largest fuel cell electric vehicle. We’re making this product available to everyone, paving the way for a world where heavy industry and sustainability can coexist.


First Mode was founded with the knowledge that time is not on our side but the belief that it’s not too late to make good.

Our team of engineers, scientists, operators, dreamers, and doers from all over the world represent different backgrounds, disciplines and walks of life. We’re united in our belief and mission to fight for a world where clean energy is the norm.


This world’s problems are too complex and unpredictable to be solved with a conventional approach.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team with deep and diverse experience who share a passion for solving difficult problems in the field of clean energy. We don’t just find the answers, we turn them into cost effective, replicable products. 

If you believe the fight for a better world is just getting started — join us as we meet the unknown together.

Meet Shannon Cassady, Mechanical Systems Engineer at First Mode
Get to know Shannon Cassady, a mechanical systems engineer at First Mode working to help decarbonize mining by designing a diesel-electric haul truck.
Tristan Helms, First Mode General Manager, Americas
Meet Tristan Helms: First Mode General Manager, Americas
Our “Meet the Team” series profiles the creative and curious people of First Mode. Meet Tristan Helms, First Mode’s General Manager, Americas.
Hiking in Iceland Landmannalaugar
Meet Lexi Humann: Mechanical Systems Engineer at First Mode
“It’s important that we keep tackling new issues so that humanity doesn’t collapse under its own handiwork.” —Lexi Humann, Mechanical Systems Engineer
Meet Spencer Berglund, First Mode Electrical & Embedded Systems Engineer

“Stay curious, stay receptive to new ideas, and be a positive influence in the lives of others.” – Spencer Berglund

Meet Paige Northway, Ph.D.: Systems Engineer at First Mode

“I think it is rewarding to approach any situation or interaction by first considering both what you can bring to it and what you can learn from it.” —Paige Northway, Ph.D., First Mode Systems Engineer

We’re hiring a Senior Systems Engineer and more.

Join us in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy.