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Path to Zero™

Unlocking decarbonization for heavy industry.

The products and services within our Path to Zero™ Program help you begin, progress, and succeed with decarbonization at a pace that you control. Whether you seek low-carbon retrofits, diesel-free power solutions, or a bolstered clean energy supply chain, we will help you achieve your goals.

Path to Zero™


The most sustainable truck is the one you already own. Across our diversified product mix, our retrofit power systems extend the life of existing fleets with an integrated design that maximizes flexibility and interoperability.

Explore each option using the interactive module below.

Path to Zero™


Successful product deployment requires careful, systems-level planning and integration. As your trusted partner, we’ll analyze the data, develop emissions-reduction strategies and operational readiness plans, support regulatory permit efforts, and for some, identify and research the most efficient and reliable access to new generation fuels, as well as refueling and recharging infrastructure.

Explore each of our wrap-around services to learn how we ensure the solution you adopt is the one that best meets your needs, supply chain, and regulatory landscape.

Path to Zero™ Our solutions power the clean energy future Underpinning First Mode’s low-carbon and zero-emissions product line are technology blocks that can be applied to not only mining and rail haulage but also stationary power and other heavy industry equipment. Whatever your product and service needs, our team is here to support. Start Your Path to Zero™

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Our solutions are a turning point for decarbonization. Let us help your fleets drive clean energy for the world.