First Mode, as reported by Global Mining Review, has unveiled two new electrified retrofits as part of their decarbonization solutions for mining and rail haulage. As part of the company’s Path to Zero™ program, these solutions offer a stepwise approach for customers aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. The first retrofit is a Hybrid EV option, integrating a regenerative battery into existing diesel-powered vehicles, immediately cutting carbon emissions by up to 30%. The second option is a Battery EV Retrofit, eliminating the diesel engine entirely to create a fully electrified powertrain solution. Lastly, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Retrofit converts diesel-powered vehicles into clean liquid hydrogen-powered vehicles, and when combined with First Mode’s high-speed liquid hydrogen refueling system, provides a refueling speed comparable to diesel. The innovations aim to empower heavy industry players to decarbonize their fleets while enhancing operational efficiency, addressing the global push to reduce carbon emissions in mining and transportation.