Above: The proof-of-concept hydrogen powered ultra-class mine haul truck at Anglo American’s Mogalakwena Platinum Group Metals mine in South Africa.

First Mode designed and built the world’s largest hydrogen and battery powered haul truck, but we’re not stopping there. Northwest Public Broadcasting details why we’re expanding our footprint with the First Mode Proving Grounds in Centralia, Washington, USA and how we’re helping heavy industry transition to a diesel-free future.

Article Excerpt:

“What we do is we take that diesel generator at the heart of the vehicle, we take it out, and replace it with a combination of battery and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. That takes the power plant that exists and replaces it with one that has a zero tailpipe emissions and allows the system to run off of a green source of energy.”

Chris Voorhees, First Mode Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer