To celebrate First Mode and Mitsui & Co., Ltd, (“Mitsui”) inking a strategic alliance, we recently welcomed Ken Ito, General Manager, and Kentaro Yabe, Deputy General Manager, of Mitsui’s Coal & Carbon Solution Division, along with Hideaki Katsube, Regional Officer for the Mitsui Seattle Office, for an official signing ceremony and tour of our Seattle facilities, including our company headquarters, research and development facility, and recently-opened factory.

As noted in the press release on the strategic alliance, the First Mode and Mitsui partnership is grounded in our shared commitment to sustainability and reducing heavy industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve these goals, the alliance brings together the technical knowledge, capabilities, and networks of both organizations to explore new business opportunities that accelerate the adoption of First Mode’s low carbon and zero-emissions retrofit products for heavy haulage, starting in mining.

“Mitsui recognizes First Mode as a pioneer in decarbonization solutions for the mining sector, particularly in the replacement of diesel fuel,” said Mr. Ito said in the press release. “As such, we are eager to support their growth by leveraging our presence in the mining, mobility, and other heavy industries,” he continued.

An international trading company and investment group with extensive interests in the mining industry, Mitsui is heavily invested in the clean energy sector and has a strong interest in various areas such as critical minerals mining, renewable energy projects, and the production of clean hydrogen, ammonia, and hydrogen-derived fuels. The company actively collaborates with key players in the steel, chemical, and automotive industries to jointly work towards achieving carbon neutrality.

“We are honored to enter into a strategic alliance with Mitsui to support and help scale our solutions that are proven to reduce heavy industry’s polluting outputs,” said First Mode CEO Julian Soles in the same press release.

“It was a pleasure hosting Mitsui at our Seattle offices and facilities, and we look forward to the impact we create together – especially through powertrain systems electrification and hydrogen technology innovation,” Mr. Soles stated at the close of the First Mode factory tour.