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First Mode exists to clean up the industries that create, move, and transform the materials we all use every day.

First Mode helps governments, companies, and individuals identify and replace equipment that generates greenhouse gas emissions in the most extreme environments. Our nuGen™ technology is a turning point for global carbon reduction.


We build creative, clean energy solutions for heavy industry’s toughest problems.

We know that if the push for sustainability is going to have a real impact, we’re going to need to go big. How big? Well, we thought we’d start by powering a colossal mining truck with hydrogen fuel cells and go from there — and it worked.

Meet nuGen™, our end-to-end, carbon-reducing haulage solution, which will accelerate the mining industry’s transition to clean energy. One mining truck in South Africa is only the beginning. We offer a range of products that help heavy industry companies massively reduce their carbon output.

We designed and built the world’s largest hydrogen-powered haul truck. Learn more:

We’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer and more.

Join us in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy.


We’re on our way to creating a better world powered by better energy.

Starting at the source of the world’s resources, First Mode delivers the seismic, systems changes necessary to eliminate the use of diesel and speed a global transition to clean energy. Our nuGen™ technology will help eliminate heavy industry’s reliance on diesel fuel once and for all.

We’re always looking for new challenges!

Contact us to see how we can transform your business.

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Our Global Presence

First Mode’s headquarters are located in London, with additional locations in Perth — a recognized international center for the resources industry — and Seattle, our first home.

Seattle remains First Mode’s technology hub. This location includes three downtown spaces, including our R&D lab, which contains areas for prototyping, building, and testing (not to mention an impressive collection of Star Wars memorabilia).

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