Engineering & Mining Journal caught up with the leaders of Anglo American, First Mode, and other partners involved in developing the world’s largest hydrogen-powered mining haul truck.

In December 2019, First Mode announced a $13.5 million agreement to develop technology for Anglo American’s Future Smart Mining Program. A cornerstone of the project is the design and deployment of the world’s largest hydrogen-fueled mining truck.

An effort of this magnitude requires the collaboration of many skilled partners. Engineering & Mining Journal shares thoughts from each group on their contributions, the impact of the technology on the industry, and the work involved to get the truck moving by the end of 2020. Here’s an excerpt:

“At the razor-sharp cutting edge of innovation in the truck-shovel mining solutions space are a handful of players rolling out solutions that, some say, could change the industry.

For example, Anglo American reported a prototype H2-fueled haul truck will be assembled at a working mine before 2021. If the prototype proves viable, it could be a game-changer and puts Anglo American in the catbird seat in the push to decarbonize the mining industry.

In consideration of what they all offer in terms of production increases, cost savings and safety improvements, every one of these solutions could prove to be disruptive. And with sustainable mining a talking point among both industry critics and leaders, the timing of their release is near perfect.

First Mode said it was on schedule at integrating the 2-MW hybrid power plant that will replace the diesel generator in the prototype truck. “Since the design was finalized in early 2020, First Mode has been busy integrating and testing the power module in Seattle, while simultaneously working to understand the existing truck to ensure a clean integration within existing systems,” First Mode President Chris Voorhees said.”

First Mode is proud to be involved in this effort, and we’re looking forward to seeing the truck in action next year!

(Pages 60-63)

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