A lover of guitar and golden doodles, Evan DeVore helps keep First Mode’s manufacturing on track.

Hi Evan! What do you do at First Mode?

I’m the Manager of our Research and Production Facility in Seattle, the area where our engineers actually build and create our clean energy products. Keeping the area safe, clean, and organized is my top priority while properly outfitting our facility with whatever our departments need for testing and developing their ideas.

What are you working on right now at the Research and Production Facility? And why is this important?

I’m working with the rest of the team to prep the grounds for the upcoming construction of our next hydrogen fuel cell powerplant while our manufacturing facility is being built, also in Seattle!

Evan DeVore outside.

What do you feel is special about the First Mode culture?

First Mode fosters a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and continuous learning as we strive towards our goal of decarbonization. What also makes us unique is how we have a tight-knit and uplifting culture despite having multiple global locations.

Why did you decide to join First Mode? How does our mission to provide clean energy solutions for heavy industry drive your work?

I wanted to be part of something bigger and this company has a great vision for changing the world. I now have the opportunity to not only help make a difference, but to do so with a green-focused company. Everything we do at First Mode reflects our mission to decarbonize heavy industry and I’m excited to see how our drive and determination are helping provide clean energy solutions while opening up new avenues for future projects.

Evan DeVore and partner with dog.

Do you have a personal mantra, a motto, or a mission statement you like to live by?

I want to be the person who makes the difference in someone’s day by being kind and by looking on the bright side—even when things may not be so bright.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I love to play guitar, try new restaurants, cuisines, and breweries with my partner, and go to Dogwood Play Park with our golden doodle dogs Bear and Scout.  Spending time with friends and family is also important to me. When the weather’s warm on summer days I go longboarding!

Why does it matter that we keep inventing, testing, and creating?

If we were to stop, we wouldn’t have the technology, tools, and creations we have today—like our powerplant. By inventing, testing, and creating, we have the chance to try out unheard of ideas and upgrade/improve existing ones so we can change the world and make it a better place.