First Mode Senior Systems Engineer, David Gerhardt, Ph.D., Will Present on the Company’s Work with GOMSpace

Over the past few decades, small satellites have transitioned from one-of-a-kind systems performing very specific missions to being considered for constellations where they work in concert to achieve a larger purpose. To enable the high-volume production necessary to achieve the global coverage sought by commercial and government stakeholders, new considerations must be addressed regarding quality control, standards, and designing for manufacturability, and automated assembly, integration and test—all to be balanced with the cost considerations critical to startup investments.

The 33rd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites will explore the technical issues, development considerations, and new opportunities that result from an ever-growing trend toward missions using tens, hundreds, or even thousands of small satellites to achieve revolutionary effects.

First Mode’s David Gerhardt, Ph.D., joins Rasmus Holst from GOMSpace to present a poster on August 7th to discuss “Better Commissioning Through Simulation: How to Trust Your Satellite Pointing Faster.”

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