Hi Kaushalya! What do you do at First Mode Perth?

Shot of Kaushalya Madugalle side on a cliffside, with her back to the camera

I am a Senior Reliability Engineer focused on reliability, maintenance and operations.

How did your interest in these areas begin?

It really started when I first joined the coal mines in Central Queensland in Australia many, many moons ago. With every operation I was in, my interest only grew – I loved the fact that my work was on large, critical machinery which directly affected how smoothly each mine operated. The fast-paced nature of site and constant problem solving was challenging but rewarding!

Why did you decide to join First Mode?

There are several reasons. First, I have always appreciated clean technologies, the need to innovate and better utilise green energy. Second, I love the idea of working on an urgent problem with a global impact. Third, I love travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures! So naturally, when the opportunity to join the team at First Mode came up, I took the leap out of operations and into product development.

Kaushalya Madugalle standing in front of mining equipment

How does our mission to provide clean energy solutions for heavy industry drive your work?

I find that these days, spending my energy focused on carbon reduction instead of carbon production very invigorating and motivating!

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Well, when I am not working, you’ll probably find me on a long drive listening to some tunes, hiking, camping, reading, taking a swim, gardening or snorkelling!

Why does it matter that we keep inventing, testing, and creating?

I think our urge to invent, test and create is a big part of what makes us human! If we can do this with the intention of making life better for the fellow person, then I think it goes a long way towards living a fulfilling life.