Since 2015, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has compiled a list of talented engineers that are making “substantive, contributions in their workplaces, communities, and beyond”. We are excited to announce that Maggie Scholtz, VP of Engineering and Co-Founder at First Mode, was recently named to the 2020 list!

Maggie is honored for her contributions to NASA’s Mars Exploration program, private efforts to study the feasibility of mining asteroids, and her role in co-founding First Mode.

A little known fact: in honor of her exemplary work on the Mars Curiosity Rover, the Earth-based engineering model of the rover, used for testing and patrolling the Mars Yard at JPL is named MAGGIE!

These days, Maggie provides technical leadership to First Mode’s engineering team, regularly diving into problems as diverse as instrumentation headed to Psyche in the asteroid belt and design of the world’s largest mobile hydrogen mining truck.

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