Every year, Built In publishes a list of the best places to work in each major city across the U.S. First Mode has now been on Seattle’s list for three years in a row: Having been included on the Best Small Companies lists in 2020 and 2021, we graduated this year to the Best Midsize Companies list, which features companies with 101–500 local employees.

Built In’s ranking rates companies based on their benefits and employee-submitted compensation data, with a final rank determined by combining each company’s score in both categories. Other companies featured on this year’s Midsize list include Glossier, Moz, OfferUp, and PayScale.

Excerpt from First Mode’s profile on Built In:

At First Mode, we’re building the barely possible for our people, for our clients, and for the Earth and beyond. We draw on the exceptional talent and creativity of our multidisciplinary team to solve the toughest problems on and off the planet.

By balancing creativity with critical thinking and big dreams with real-world practicality, we overhaul the way things are in pursuit of the way things could be. We leave nothing to chance, as our complex systems operate within extreme or constrained conditions and environments where safety and mission success are of the utmost importance. Diligence and imagination—this is how we create an outsized impact by creating solutions at the farthest known frontiers.

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