Today, Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering profiled Maggie Scholtz, co-founder and VP of engineering at First Mode. Check out the full story by Hannah Diorio-Toth to learn how Maggie set the goal of working on robotics on another planet all the way back in high school—and hasn’t stopped achieving her goals since.

Article excerpt:

Now, Scholtz is co-founder and vice president of engineering at First Mode, a Seattle-based engineering firm focused on tackling challenging problems on Earth and throughout the solar system. First Mode was founded by Scholtz and a group of fellow engineers in 2018. The group recognized the value of using a traditional systems engineering approach to solve problems in industry. So, they created a company that always starts with the problem in mind.

“We work from problem to prototype; we’re not just trying to make a bunch of widgets. We’re trying to help people better define the problem and then find the solution,” explains Scholtz. “And if we get to do that in a way that solves some pretty important problems in the world, then it’s very fulfilling to be able to have an impact.”

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